Peter Hunt

Partner | LLB, BCom

Peter is an experienced civil litigator who brings to the practice of litigation a range of skills including technical legal knowledge, practical problem solving and advocacy. He works diligently to understand his clients’ needs, to obtain all the necessary information and to make an early assessment of litigation strategy – whether that be discussion, formal negotiation, or seeking a binding decision through arbitration or the Courts.

Working extensively with construction related insurance issues, Peter has been at the forefront of earthquake claims resolutions and litigation surrounding leaking buildings. He has also worked to resolve claims involving professionals, many of which are also related to construction issues. With an impressive list of career highlights, Peter is most proud of the cases where he has been instrumental in his clients resolving a dispute with an outcome that fairly reflects their merits and enables them to move on to their next challenge.

Peter commenced practice in 1991 and is passionate about helping people work through issues – not just in law, but also in the wider community. When not at work Peter enjoys any kind of sporting activity including golf, swimming and biking. Involved with his children’s sporting endeavours over the years, he gets great satisfaction from being involved with youth sport, whether that be as manager, coach, referee or supporter. Peter is also an avid gardener and enjoys reading.

Principal areas of practice:

  • Professional Indemnity – engineers, architects, real estate agents, valuers, accountants, lawyers.
  • General Liability – fires, construction, horticulture, product recall.
  • Material Damage – earthquake policy response issues.
  • Regulatory and Health and Safety – Work Safe investigations and prosecutions, Commerce Commission, FMA, RMA.


  • Proactive and expedient approach to seeing claims right through to resolution.
  • Technical and concise reporting and considered formulation of strategy.
  • Advocacy – considerable trial and mediation experience.
  • Access to leading experts.
  • Integrative client service including seminars and training.

Recent trial involvement / outcomes:

  • Earthquake. Successful High Court and Court of Appeal decisions in Jarden regarding burden of proof and the application of reinstatement cover. Increased costs awarded to insurer in High Court and upheld on appeal. Court of Appeal decisions in Marriott and Morrison on key issues of automatic reinstatement, merger, indemnity principle, deductible and apportionment of damage across multiple events. Successful resolution of a large amount of EQ and EQ repair claims.
  • Construction. Acting for leading engineers and architects on construction and infrastructure disputes including leaky buildings. Striking out of significant claim against architect in Orewa Grand. Striking out of case against insurer under S9 Law Reform Act 1936 and strike out of case against construction company on large leaky building claim. High Court decision enforcing limitation of liability clause in Jardboranir.
  • Legal. Successful appeal to Court of Appeal in Tarr on the issue of abuse of process. Successful in Court of Appeal in Sandman on issue of dishonest assistance. That case is on appeal to the Supreme Court. Successful defence of leading law firm in 4 week High Court trial and subsequent appeal. Strike out of time barred action. Resolution of numerous and varied negligence and equity claims
  • Valuation. Successful defence of disciplinary issue before Valuers Registration Board and successful resolution of numerous post GFC negligence claims
  • Real Estate. Successful defence at trial of claim against leading agency. 6 successful cases in READT. Commerce Act case of Lodge.
  • Accounting. Strike out of 2 separate unmeritorious claims against accountants. Appearing on disciplinary issues and resolution of negligence and equity claims
  • Regulatory. Advice on numerous statutory claims including Health and Safety, Commerce Act and RMA.
  • Personal Injury. Successful defence of manufacturer in action alleging carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Briefcase – see Ritchie v EQC and Lumley – The Rule of Uncertainty (High Court), Xu v IAG and The EQC – Assignment of Insurance claims, Jarden v Lumley General Insurance (N.Z.) Limited [2015] NZHC 1427